The greatest legacy a leader leaves behind..



Inner Profit is founded on the premise that every person and every organisation has inner talent and capabilities that are unique and create extraordinary synergies and results when they are recognised and developed. We are a group of experienced and sought after Facilitators, Educators, Executive Coaches and Consultants who have chosen to unite and work together toward this premise.


We are obsessively focussed on the identification and development of high potentials and leaders. History shows that an organisations success is dependent largely on the quality and capability of its leaders. For this reason we believe that existing and emerging leaders define the future of an organisation.


Leadership development doesn’t happen by accident, it requires consistent commitment and sponsorship throughout your organisation at every level. Deliberate leadership development impacts not only an organisation, but also the community and the environment that it co-exists within.

Being a leader is tough



Being a leader has always been tough. In today’s environment it has never been tougher. The power of social media and the 24/7 surveillance on your every word and action requires leaders who not only deliver results, but deliver them authentically. It’s about balancing multiple conflicting agendas simultaneously.

Tough & Caring | Supportive & Challenging | Authentic & Politically astute | Reactive & Proactive


Complexity demands customisation



Our integrated work contributes to real leadership development. Our consultants have worked with the senior executives of dozens of multinational organisations. No token box-ticking courses – just real, integrated programs that deliver real results.


It’s one thing to have great leadership at the top. But it’s another to have great leadership embedded throughout the organisation. We work with organisations to strengthen the existing leadership while identifying and developing emerging talent. The result? An organisational leadership pipeline that becomes future-proof.


Moving from good to great, and from great to masterful doesn’t happen overnight. Executive level development is predominantly behavioural rather than technical in nature, and self-insight is critical. We work with our clients to design solutions ranging from comprehensive, integrated executive level programs to individual 1:1 coaching to help drive behavioural change.



Erica Bagshaw

Learning Coach & Executive Coach

Erica brings more than 20 years of corporate experience to her challenging Facilitation and Executive Coaching work.

Working exclusively with senior executives Erica focuses on building leadership readiness, leadership capability, leadership presence and personal resilience. She works with C level and senior executives in top 100 companies across a variety of industries including bank finance, technology, property, mining, pharma and legal.

Erica combines her practical hands-on business experience with an extraordinary ability to encourage, enable and empower leaders and teams to bring out their best.

With a deep conviction that leadership is a both a privilege and an opportunity, Erica has a commitment to aligning and connecting a leaders personal values to fuel their leadership capability so that they become more impactful and their leadership is more sustainable.

When not working Erica enjoys travelling, creating beautiful photographs and thrashing her friends at Scramble.


Colin James

Learning Design & Lead Facilitator

Colin James has spent the last 25 years working as a corporate Speaker, Educator and Facilitator. In 2008 he was awarded the prestigious ‘Australian Educator of the Year’ award for outstanding contribution to the field of learning and development.

He is renowned for his unique delivery style incorporating graphics, cartooning, story-telling and exceptional delivery methodology. He is recognised and respected as the Trainers Trainer having trained and coached many of Australia’s leading Educators and Speakers.

His client list reads like a Fortune 500 catalogue. His work focuses on the Executive Committee level including working as an Executive Coach/Consultant to CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives across Asia Pacific and Australasia.

Colin’s approach is distinguished by the intellectual depth he brings to each engagement underscored by his extensive experience in multiple industries, organisations and geographies. He extensively researches and incorporates the latest in thought, application and practice in areas such as leadership, innovation, management, human psychology, communication, strategy and human effectiveness.

When he is not working or travelling he spends his time painting, writing a novel (too many years now) and learning to ride his 150cc scooter which he insists is not some mid-life crises thing.


Tim Chilvers

Facilitator & Executive Coach

Tim believes that sustainable performance comes from a strong culture aligned with a purpose-led strategy.

Having led a diverse range of businesses spanning small and complex teams in global organisations to large divisions of commercial banks with more than 500 people he has many years of experience working with customers of all sizes finding solutions to their largest challenges. Tim enjoys working with people and organisations who are determined to realise their potential – those prepared to act decisively and with the conviction required to bring that potential to life.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Financial Services and a Masters of Applied Finance. He is currently studying a Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Having travelled and worked abroad for many years, Tim now lives in Melbourne with his wife Jackie, three children and his chocolate-brown spoodle. Tim enjoys health and fitness and involvement in community issues.


Andrew Lee

Facilitator & Coach

Passionate about people and curious about the world Andrew Lees’ diverse life experiences have enabled him to connect to groups from around the world with a powerful message of optimism.

Andrew works internationally as a keynote speaker, facilitator and coach. With his focus on developing high performance cultures that are resilient, innovative and committed along with his unique ability to engage with audiences from all walks of life, he is able to challenge many commonly held beliefs and assumptions with humour and insight.

His pragmatic approach to development and his ability to translate complex theory into easily understood concepts and examples inspire his audiences to take a fresh look at the problems they may be confronted with.


Alison Carter

Facilitator & Coach

Alison is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of corporate experience, including senior investor communications roles. She has also run her own businesses and provided counselling services within the not-for-profit sector. Her background ensures that clients are nurtured but also challenged to experience growth.


Dana Eisenstein

Facilitator & Coach

Dana is known for her authenticity and commitment to delivering engaging learning experiences. From cultural transformation and leadership development to edgy performance coaching, Dana inspires people to step outside their comfort zone to build higher performance.


Jason Fox

Learning, Motivational & Productivity Design

Jason is an award winning educator, implementation gamestormer and motivation design specialist.

By the age of 25, Jason had completed a PhD, written two books and lectured at three universities. He now shows forward-thinking leaders how to use motivation science and game design to make clever happen and build for the future of work.

Jason has advised on the project design of a range of projects – from high level organisational learning development programs, to project productivity hacks, to helping $6m innovation projects hit targets.

When not liberating the world from poorly designed projects and work, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like angry birds, coffee snobbery and fruit ninja.


” Exceptional coaching methodologies provided.”

– Quote from participant at 2nd Annual Women in Finance & Accounting Leadership Summit 2015


“Erica, Thanks again for your feedback this week. I found your coaching incredibly challenging and immensely valuable – I just wish I had done this 10 years ago!”

– General Manager, Banking Finance


“Colin has such an original approach and is a genuinely engaging facilitator. The day has led me to re-think my own approach to training & development, leadership and my career overall.”

– Mike Wallace, Director, MCW Aviation Consulting Pty Ltd


“Erica is a truly great listener and her insights and experiences are extremely valuable. I would recommend Erica to anyone looking to maximise their success.”

– Lee Valentine, Managing Director, Valentine Associates


“If you’re looking to progress new strategy, I highly recommend Dr Jason Fox.”
– Vice-President & Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, University of NSW


“As a coach and colleague Erica is insightful and a highly skilled practitioner in making a real difference to peoples’ lives. A wholehearted recommendation.”

– Ambrose McKinnery, Organisational Psychologist


“Andrew Lee is one of the most experienced and motivating instructors in the business.”

– Kate Gunn, Educational Services Manager, Australia and New Zealand Peoplesoft


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